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John Baugher



Do you have a home in Helena, and you are in need of a good flooring service? Do you want to get your floors re-done, and you would like to ensure that you get the very best flooring service that Laurel has to offer? Well you are in luck then, because there just so happens to be a fantastic flooring company in the area. That would be us of course! We are Accent Floors Inc, the premier choice for anything flooring related in the area, and we would be delighted to take that vision you have of your floor remodel and bringing it to life. Don’t leave anything to chance, or in the hands of a subpar service; call Accent Floors Inc and get it done right the first time.


Here at Accent Floors Inc, we understand the importance of having a premier level service from top to bottom. That means we make sure that each and every single one of our staff members is the best of the best. Our staff members are fantastic at what they do, and they do will treat you the way that we feel all customers should be treated. We demand a very high standard of customer service and overall attentiveness, and our employees exceed those expectations with phenomenal consistency. You can always count on Accent Floors Inc to give you the kind of service that you deserve, because that is what we do here, and making our clients happy is what we are all about.


So if you are looking for a really great flooring service in or near Laurel, you don’t need to look any further than Accent Floors Inc. We are the number one flooring service for a reason, so give us a call and we can show you first hand why that is.

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