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Demonstrate your love of classic home decorating with hardwood floor installation from John's Wood Floor Specialist Inc/Accent Floors Inc. To keep your floors looking beautiful, we do sanding, staining and finishing. Prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring.


Erase signs of aging with historic and antique floor restoration from John's Wood Floor Specialist Inc/Accent Floors Inc. We have completed many large projects on historic floors at the State Department, various schools, the Smithsonian Institute, and much more.

Sanding & Finishing

Preserve the appearance of your old or new hardwood floors with sanding and finishing. We sand the floor down to the bare wood and let you choose your custom stain color. Next, we apply a top coat with layers of top-quality polyurethane or water-based finishes.


We level where necessary to replace or repair joist damage or plywood damage. Contact us today to discuss your floor.


Solve your hardwood floor problems with repair work from us. In many cases, the damaged flooring can be sanded and refinished in place. Sometimes, though, it may require removal of the damaged boards and replacement with new boards.


  1. Scratches

  2. Dents

  3. Odors

  4. Water Stains

  5. Sun Bleaching

  6. Cracks

  7. Gaps

  8. Loose Boards

Remove & Repair

Like any other surfaces, hardwood floors eventually show signs of wear and tear. We do detailed leveling and floor repair that corrects any problems and leaves your floors looking flawless. Restoration is also provided for antique and historic floors


Add character to your wood floors with staining. Using various stains, from a light color to a very dark color, we give your floors a unique appearance.

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