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John Baugher



Did you look down on your hardwood floor, your beautiful, original, hardwood floor and realize that it’s scratched and scuffed in places you didn’t even realize furniture or child or dog could even get to? You spend money on these hardwood floors when you remodeled your beautiful old brownstone fixer upper in Lothian, how did they deteriorate without your even noticing? I mean sure you’ve got the kids and the dogs and they get up to a lot, and the dog’s nails really should be kept shorter, but he puts up such a fuss when you want to clip them, and you’ve got a life, a real life, you have your career and your partner has their career, and these beautiful hardwood floors are so damaged you wonder if there’s even a chance that they can be fixed, is it too late? We here at Accent Floors Inc would like to hope not. Let us come out to your home and have a look and we can determine whether your floors need a repair or just a refinishing.


Often times hardwood damage looks much worse to you, who loves it so much, than it actually is and a good hardwood floor refinishing can get them look right as rain in no times. Our experienced team at Accent Floors Inc, Lothian, can come in and have a look to determine what kind of damage is done and then we can move from there. A refinishing requires a few measured sandings, and a good sturdy finish to prevent damage from happening so fast with your busy lifestyle. We are a trusted flooring repair and installation company with many years of experience. We are open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 7pm, so give us a call now for your free estimate on your next flooring project.

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