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John Baugher



Do you have beautiful original hardwood floors in Severn, you spent time and money on restoring these hardwood floors and you realized the other day that there are a couple of loose or broken boards within the system and  you’re one) wondering how in the world that happened, but two) how in the world are you going to fix that? Can one even have a broken or loose board fixed? We let us give you a hand because you can have your hardwood floor repaired and we’re the team do do it here at Accent Floors Inc. We have an experienced and reliable team of flooring experts who can help you repair or replace those broken and loose boards to ensure that your floor is as great as the day you had them refinished. Floorboard do tend to get loose or broken, it isn’t uncommon, and it’s not anything you should worry about. It’s a perfectly fixable affair and we’re happy to do it.


Did you recently rearrange your furniture in your living room in Severn, after the furniture had been in the same place for a very long time and now there’s a very visible divot where the sofa leg once stood and you’re panicking wondering if there’s anything that can be done without the high cost of having to refinish the whole system? We’re happy to let you know that there is absolutely a way to fix that divot with hardwood floor repair rather than refinishing the whole floor. Our expert and professional crew can fix that divot right up and match the original stain, you’d hardly ever know that there was a problem with the flooring in the first place. We can help you fix that unsightly blemish. We are open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 7pm and we’re happy to give you a free estimate, so give us a call now.

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