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John Baugher



Are you planning to install some hardwood flooring in your home and are looking for flooring contractor around the area that you can trust to do a good job? If you are around Washington DC, you are in luck because when it comes to hardwood flooring installation, repairs and maintenance, you can always call us, here at Accent Floors Inc for the trusted services that you are looking for. Here at Accent Floors Inc, we strive to provide our clients with honest and quality work that is needed to enhance the beauty of their home with great hardwood flooring.


Here at Accent Floors Inc, we have over 50 years of experience servicing the properties around Washington DC with our hardwood flooring services and have what it takes to a great job for any home or commercial property. We are a full service flooring contractor, when it comes to hardwood flooring, and have earned a great reputation because of our dedication to serving our clients with honesty and integrity. Our number one goal is your satisfaction, so you can rely on us to a high quality job that exceeds your expectations.


Here at Accent Floors Inc, we know how hard you worked to get your property. That is why we want to make sure that we do the job right. When we service your home, we keep an open line of communication to make sure that the job gets done just the way you want it. If anything seems unappealing to you, just let us know and we will be glad to fix it. When it comes to servicing your home, we want to make sure that you are completely happy with our service.


So if you are looking for a flooring contractor around Washington DC and its surrounding areas, make sure that you give us a call, here at Accent Floors Inc.

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